• UV Accelerated Aging Test

    UV Aging Test  UV Lamp Types :  UVA-340, UVB-313  Application of different UV lamps :  UVA-340 :Simulated ultraviolet light in sunlight, mainly used for light aging test for outdoo

    2017-03-12 19:00:06
  • Material Aging Testing

    Material Aging Tests mainly include testing of UV aging test, xenon light aging test, temperature aging test, vibration test, vibration test, mechanical shock test, salt spray test etc.

    2017-03-04 10:54:54
  • Brife Introduction of Thermal Shock Test Chamber

    Thermal Shock Test Chamber widely applied for products like automotive components, electronic and electrical products, plastic ,rubber reliability testing

    2017-01-11 21:05:52
  • Salt Spray Testing Chamber Introduction

    Salt Spray Testing Introduction There are 3 salt spray testing methods : NSS---Neutral Salt Spray AASS--Acetic Acid -Salt Spray (Fog) Testing CASS--Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid -Salt Spray (Fog) Testing

    2017-01-03 20:20:54
  • ISTA 3A Packaged Products Testing Introduction

    ISTA 3 Series Tests are advanced tests and are designed to : Challenge the capability of the package and product to withstand transport hazards, but Utilize general simulation of actual transpor..

    2016-12-26 09:41:48
  • Electrical Connectors Mating & Unmating Force Test Standard

    To ensure connector ‘s reliability and stability after adaption , this standard is formulated according to standard EIA-364-13C (Mating and Unmating Force Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors ), w..

    2016-12-09 17:37:20
  • LED Testing Introduction

    LED Testing Equipments1. High low temperature test Condition : -40~+150℃Test Purposes :Evaluate the basic function, stability of products material, light attenuation Conclusion :No significant de

    2016-12-01 16:40:22
  • Photovoltaic Modules Test Equipment List

      Photovoltaic Modules Test Equipment List1.Damp Heat Test (Double 85 Test )Test Purposes: To determine the ability of the module to withstand the effects of long-term penetration of humidity. Te

    2016-12-01 16:36:18
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